Aaron Lasher is a monetary theorist, management consultant, and sailing circumnavigator.

He resides in Miami, Florida with his wife, Liz, and dog, Jacqueline Cousteau, and holds degrees in Mathematics, Psychology, and Cognitive Science from Northwestern University.

He can be reached at sailors at gmail dot com for offline discussion or media appearances.

He does not solicit Bitcoin donations.



5 comments on “About

  1. Thanks Aaron for your insights…just wanted to send some gratitude and appreciation. I use to have Compuserve and use to live in Miami myself…thanks again!

  2. Hi Aaron, great blog first of all, you have some quality posts on here. I really enjoyed your last one with Jeffrey Tucker, very cool. I live in Miami, FL as well, I run the bitcoin marketplace Coingig.com, it would be great to meet up and possibly do an interview for your blog. Thank you for your time and much luck to you and your site!

  3. Aaron says:

    would love to know your thoughts on GDN – globaldenomination.org

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