Tell your friends about Bitcoin

…but don’t tell them to buy any.

If you are a Bitcoin user (I love that term, because it makes us all sound like junkies: “I’ve been a heavy Bitcoin user for 2 years now…”) then tell your friends about it. More exciting than any sports event, the romp of the Bitcoin is playing out before our very eyes.

Last night I had dinner with some friends, and expectedly, somebody asked, “So how is the Bitcoin doing?” For the first time in 24 months, I didn’t feel like I was selling something. “Oh, it’s doing splendidly” I replied.

At this point, the cat is out of the bag. Bitcoin has been unleashed upon the world and there is no going back. The only question worth asking now is, “will it succeed or fail?”

One of my friends who makes a living as an African Safari photographer recently approached me: “Why didn’t you tell me about Bitcoin when you got involved?” My mousy answer, “because everybody I told about it scoffed.”

So I sent him some Bitcoin to get his virtual currency juices flowing. For him, the ability to accept payment from anybody, anywhere, would be an absolute game changer. As I type this, he is re-engineering his website to allow for Bitcoin purchases of his most excellent collections. (By the way, shameless plug:

Nobody should get involved with Bitcoin without understanding the risks. In fact, all should prepare to lose money. But do not underestimate the ire of your acquaintances if Bitcoin takes its rightful place on the throne of global currency exchange – and you failed to tell them about it.

Just mention it. Tell them that it exists. Warn them.

But for goodness sakes, tell your friends about Bitcoin.


One comment on “Tell your friends about Bitcoin

  1. gregsarmas says:

    Just wondering if you heard anything about the coming Bitcoin ATM’s? I think these might prove to be a tipping point for crypto currency junkies like you and myself! Would definitely add legitimacy and accessibility at least. I’m looking to get involved with anything pioneering in this field. Let me know if you’ve got any info.


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